corporate identity for educational online-platform

The Aim: To develop a corporate identity for innovative educational online-platform EDSTER.

The main target audience consists of students and teachers of high schools, that's why the corporate identity should be developed according to the contrast of generations and attitudes. Bright, but not flashy, modern, but out of trends, concise, serious and charismatic.

Concept logo
Simple and dynamic mark consisting of the colored first letters of ED and the rest of the name. Applying different characters in the letter D, we have shown a variety of educational activities of the project - from the online resource training videos to shops for students and big events. And also it gives great scope for use in various promotional media.
We developed graphical icons to keep the theme of education in the corporate style: education, career, certification, exercise, contest, student, shop, chat, rating.

The core set of patterns begins with the equilateral triangle divided into nine parts vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Filling out this form, you can create a huge amount of patterns, thus obeying the general concept.

Triangles could be mixed both in form and color to give a unique pattern.