Logo of sports club

The Aim: to develop new logo of sports club

Fitnessfreedom is freedom of fitness. Gym or another place for training does not limit you. Personal trainer will come to you with all the necessary stuff wherever it is convenient to you. He or she will show you that it is possible to effectively engage even with the brick, and the results you will achieve can be amazing.

Concept logo
It is a dynamic logo-mark, logo-thing-in-itself. Title Fitness Freedom, written with slim font and broken on three lines, forms a self-contained object, sign, logo, where the form is inseparable from content, and where the content itself determines the form. The dot in the lower right corner of the logo adds harmony and opens endless possibilities for variation.
Because of its flexibility the logo allows you to use a variety of color combinations, the use of which may be due to the color-coded programs, classes, different types of workouts, seasonal offerings.
With the help of this logo it is easy to brand any surfaces and materials.