L’ amore

Logo and corporate style jewelry brand designer 
from Italy

We faced a complex task: naming, market research, corporate identity and the creation of an online-store.

Impeccable quality products, their exclusivity and limited collections from the best Italian masters in conjunction with the service allowed us to create an image of the company: credible, reliable, solid, but at the same time — open and accessible for everyone.

Concept logo

Classic font with wide and stable serif letters with small and playful apostrophe in the form of a heart.

Horizontal rhymed letters «L» and «E», «» and «R», as well as the diagonal rhyme «», «M» and «R» give to sign exquisite harmony.

Moreover, while we worked on the project, the customer has built a very decent show-room where everybody can see and verify the quality of the products and service.

Corporate style
Corporate identity is developed in accordance with the rules of etiquette , calm and concise.

We held a special photoshoot for the site in the wonderful interiors of the restaurant 'Parisien'

Photographer: Andrei Yakovlev
Producer: Elena Baranova
Model: Lera (AVANT MODELS)
Stylist: Galina Borzova
Hairstylist: Eugene Dutchak , Lily Aliyeva
Make-up: Lily Aliyeva
Working with the customer, as partners
on the project

we were able to do everything to make the purchase pleasant and to save the resulting emotions permanently. As a result, we've got a great project, which received high marks from the focus groups before the launch.