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Corporate identity for real estate agency

The Aim: to develop logo and style for the real estate company.

We found inspiration in Latin script of the name MAKSPOL and architecture of Moscow. The first letters of the words 'maximalnaya polsa' turns into a Latin script in a separate sign.

Concept logo
The upper part of the sign is at the same time the letter 'M' and the battlements of the Kremlin wall, giving a clear association with Moscow. The lower part of the sign shaped like not only the Latin 'P', but also similar to the plan of the apartment or the dialog box. However, it is important to note that the spelling of the name of the company should always use the Latin alphabet, in order to read the semantics of the sign.
Sign of the logo can be used in a variety of color combinations for color-coding of company branches, activities or services. Accordingly, the sign has the basic version and a few extra, which differ in color elements and content descriptor.