Unusual GAC

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The Aim: to make a promotional site
of water filters

GAC is an innovative product that will allow you always have on hand the necessary supply of clean water, greatly save your money and will delight you with its modern appearance and user-friendly design.

Unique portable filter for water re-purification
Mobile Filter let you to be free, save your money and do not pollute nature.

In the production of GAC filters they use only the most modern materials, which can be recycled and reused.

Filter unit is available in seven color variations that reflect the mood and personality of its owner.

Filter unit allows to re-pure about 150 liters of water of standard quality (municipal water mains) or 300 bottles of 500 ml.

In GAC filters there is a high-quality sorbent-based activated carbon, which removes chlorine, organic contaminants and other harmful substances contained in tap water.