L’ amore

Online shop exclusive jewelry from Italy

We faced a complex task: naming, market research, corporate identity and the creation of an online-store.

Impeccable quality products, their exclusivity and limited collections from the best Italian masters in conjunction with the service allowed us to create an image of the company: credible, reliable, solid, but at the same time — open and accessible for everyone.

Corporate identity
2 weeks ofsubject photography
60 pageslayouts and elements
350 hoursof rigid management
690 hoursof layout and assembly
half yearof the project

During the marketing analysis, we found that the major constraints to shop the online-store are:

  • Inability to 'feel' the goods
  • Lack of confidence in the quality of the goods
  • Lack of confidence in the integrity seller
  • Issues related to warranty and return
  • Cost of delivery
  • Delivery time
  • Complexity of shopping in online stores
All these problems are solved in team work with our customer: services convenience shopping are developed, even warranty repair is not a problem, moreover the fact that every product is sealed and has a certificate of authenticity.Moreover, while we worked on the project, the customer has built a very decent show-room where everybody can see and verify the quality of the products and service.
Creating an online-store, we have focused on good pictures, good typography, simple and intuitive interface.
Corporate color accents combined with an abundance of 'air' and nice animation became the basis for our concept.

We held a special photoshoot for the site in the wonderful interiors of the restaurant 'Parisien'

Photographer: Andrei Yakovlev
Producer: Elena Baranova
Model: Lera (AVANT MODELS)
Stylist: Galina Borzova
Hairstylist: Eugene Dutchak , Lily Aliyeva
Make-up: Lily Aliyeva
To avoid monotony of feed materials and tape of news on the home page is based on the principle of building kit. It has three options for the news, the choice between them is based on the nature and quantity of content and format of photographs.

We have developed more than 60 prototypes of pages and forms, each of which has acquired its own unique appearance.

Working with the customer, as partners
on the project, we were able to do everything to make the purchase pleasant and to save the resulting emotions permanently.
As a result, we've got a great project, which received high marks from the focus groups before the launch.

The site has a large and beautiful search-panel that quickly adapts to the needs of visitors.

We also have products badges, informing customers about promotions and special offers. In the item card indicates the most popular and common sizes of products.

Every product can be sent to the cart or put into 'Favorites.'