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Web-site about building boards

The Aim: to reveal the main advantages of both product
and technology.

Plates QuickDeck are the ideal solution for the preparation of the subfloor and dry screed. Prefabricated dry screed from moisture resistant chipboard designed for use in all types of premises.

On the site we talk about all kinds of plates. They can be used for walls, floors and ceilings; there is also a decorative line.

Each page is a storehouse of useful information for the builder, as well as for the 'master of all trades', which started repairs at home or at the cottage. In addition, you can watch TV-shows where these plates are used.

On the main page you are offered to select the type of solutions for different surfaces. You will immediately receive all the necessary information, and can move from one section to another by clicking on the lateral secondary menu of other sections.
On the site you have opportunity to see the use of plates in the TV-shows, as well as to subscribe the news.
You can also calculate the necessary amount of materials and tools.
Looking for a job? Send your resume directly from the site.
Additionally, we developed the mechanism of advertising campaign. All visitors were invited to download a receipt showing the purchase of plates and to be sure to receive a gift — a filter for water purification by «GAC».